Milk Fat Analyzer for Milk Collection Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

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  • Warranty:12 Months
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Milk Fat Analyzer for Milk Collection Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

Milk analyzer is designed for testing milk fat, protein, lactose, water content, temperature, freezing point, salt and density. These components can all be measured at the same time. The analyzer measures cow milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk, camel milk, lama milk, restored milk, UHT milk, cream, whey and buttermilk.

This analyzer has a compact design with a robust structure and a user-friendly interface. Most importantly, the one-button operation is extremely simple-you press only once to start measuring, you press only once for cleaing. Milk Analyzer can analyze 3 types of milk definded by user. The measurement speed is 50 samples per hour with cleaning included. The samples are precisely dosed and small mechanical treatment of the samples before analysis in necessary. No use of chnical reagents is required. The working condition are as follows-temperature from 5-35℃, HR from 30%-80%. With regard to the moisture problem, which remains of much significance the front panel of the deivce is designed to operate when with wet hands. In addition to this milk analyzer provided a one year full warranty.

Technical Data





from   0.01 to 25%(optional 45%)

± 0.07%


from 3%   to 15%(optional 40%)

± 0.12%

Density   * 

from   1015 to 1040 kg/m3

± 0.3   kg/m3


from 2%   to 7%

± 0.15%


from   0.01 % to 20 %

± 0.2%

Added   water 

from 0 %   to 70 %

± 3.0%

Sample   temperature 

from 1°C   to 40 °C

± 1°C

Freezing   point 

from -0.4°C   to -0.7 °C

± 0.005°C


from 0.4   to 1.5%

± 0.05%



 ±   0.05




Air   temperature 

from 5°C   to 40°C

Relative   humidity 

from 30%   to 80%

Electrical   parameters

AC Power   supply220V/110V(active only on request)

DC Power   supply 12V


W/D/H   110/260/205 mm


3.1 kg

Milk   sample volume

25 cm3   (=25 ml) per 1 measurement


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