Complete Liquid Milk Yogurt Processing Line Equipments For Dairy Yogurt Making Machine

  • Material: SUS304
  • Capacity: 500L/Batch
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR

Complete Liquid Milk Yogurt Processing Line Equipments For Dairy Yogurt Making Machine

For this whole line which is combined with the following tanks:

Milk Cooling Storage Tank

The raw milk is stored in a storage tank, and the temperature in the tank is set to 3-6 ° C. The fresh milk passes through a single filter to filter impurities of the fresh milk and finally enters the preheating tank through the milk pump.

Milk Preheating Tank

1. Eliminate most other organisms to increase the shelf life of the product

2. Make the protein have a certain degree of denaturation. This improves the consistency and viscosity of the yogurt and prevents the separation of whey.

Milk Homogenizer

1. Improved the consistency of yogurt 

2. Yogurt looks whiter and has a more creamy and richer flavor than non-homogenous yogurt 

3. Better distribute stabilizers in the system shapes.

Milk Pasteurizing Tank

Before the fresh milk pasteurization process is started, it is necessary to ensure that the water level of the pasteurizer is reached at the water level mirror. Set the temperature (usually set temperature 85 ° C). Turn on pasteurization heating and stirring. When the milk temperature reaches 

85 °C, and the pasteurization will be completed.

Milk Fermentation Tank

Before the fermentation process is started, the temperature of the fermenter is usually set at 43 ° C, the fermentation time is usually 8 hours, the fermentation heating is started, and the fermentation is stirred. After the milk temperature has reached 43 degrees, the corresponding strain is added and the yogurt is fermented. After 8 hours, the yogurt fermentation process will sound an alarm.

Yogurt Filling Machine

We have 2 types yogurt filling machine, one is used for filling yogurt into plastic bottles and the other is used for filling yogurt into cups. For cups, we can customize the cup shape and fill yogurt automatically

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Technical Data
11000L Milk Cooling Tank1000L/batch2600*1200*1450mm
2Milk Filter3t/h750*750*800mm
3Preheating Tank500L/Batch1200*1200*1750mm
4Milk Homogenizer500L/h860*960*1060mm
5Milk Pasteurizer500L/Batch1200*1200*1750mm
6Milk Fermentation Tank500L/Batch1200*1200*1750mm
7Yogurt Cup Filling Machine800-1300cups/h1450*1000*1720mm
8CIP Cleaning System500L*3 Tanks3000*1100*1750mm

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